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5 Caribbean Travel Secrets from KEE Limousine!

By KEE Limousine | Feb 17, 2017

If someone told you that they knew the secret to not waiting on line endlessly at the luggage claim area, you’d want to know, right?  We know someone who told us that for on their Caribbean travel and travel to Cancun, they only traveled with one carry-on each, for 5 nights! So what’s their secret?…

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KEE Limousine Makes Meeting Transportation Seamless

By KEE Limousine | Feb 3, 2017

In our modern age, meetings are still an essential tool of communication. Despite technological advances, a traditional conference room is still commonplace for meetings. Utilization of modern collaborative devices only enhances communication, allowing colleagues to discuss important business matters from miles away. As technology advances, many programs and software are becoming increasingly more affordable and…

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event planning

An Event to Remember…Tips for Amazing Event Planning

By KEE Limousine | Jan 27, 2017

Convention centers are not the only show in town when it comes to event planning for a small to medium sized corporate event or meeting.  In fact, many people have become bored with the typical meeting setting and are looking for newer ways to re-energize their team and get people excited about their work again. Planning…

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Customizing Your Limo: Party Preparation Ideas

By KEE Limousine | Jan 20, 2017

Are you booking a limousine for a very special event? You may want to consider the myriad of ways that you can customize your limousine experience, for both yourself and those who will be riding with you. Your limousine service can work with you to ensure that you get exactly the night that you desire.…

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business travel

5 Ways to Reduce Stress on a Business Trip

By KEE Limousine | Jan 14, 2017

As an executive, you know all too well how stressful some business trips can be. With tight schedules, late check-ins, difficult clients, and more, you often feel physically and mentally exhausted. The good news is that you have a number of viable options for reducing stress while traveling on business. As a result, you feel…

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business travel

Cool Travel Tools for Easy Business Travel in 2017

By KEE Limousine | Jan 6, 2017

As you can imagine, as Connecticut’s Premier Limousine Service, we transport many people for business travel and leisure travel to and from airports. Given that, we often see products that we think are pretty amazing.  When we come across some we’re really impressed with, we like to share that with you. Our first pick is the…

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luxury hotels

The Top 10 Luxury Hotels in the United States

By KEE Limousine | Dec 16, 2016

Whether you’re looking for fun or business, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite luxury hotels in the United States.  And we can get you to any (or all!) on the list: 1) The Plaza Hotel – If you own a TV or go to the movies most everyone has seen at least part of…

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travel tips

Travel Tips: Do You Have To Pay More To Fly From A Hub Airport?

By KEE Limousine | Dec 9, 2016

Hub airports are obviously the busiest, and this is often by design.  Some say they offer a more efficient method of air travel. Some even credit them with increased economic activity. Others believe they are a total rip-off.  But ultimately, do you have to pay more to fly from a hub airport? This week’s travel…

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Experience the Legend of a NYC Christmas with a Luxurious Limousine Rental from KEE!

By KEE Limousine | Dec 3, 2016

  It’s often said that there’s no place like New York City for Christmas.  Its holiday destinations have become a thing of legends.  The lights, events, activities and shows are just the beginning.  World class Broadway performances and fine dining truly bring the season to life.  Unfortunately, though, New York isn’t exactly a driver-friendly city…

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