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The Weather Underground App Provides Travelers with Forecasts and Timely Alerts

By KEE Limousine | May 15, 2015

Busy travelers need fast answers to questions that arise about weather conditions in their destination cities. To that end, the free Weather Underground app provides forecasts, weather alerts and interactive radar. It’s available as a free download for iPhones and Android devices and was recently updated to improve the end user experience. When you need…

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Pilots Offer Advice on Fear of Flying and the Realistic Dangers of Flight

By KEE Limousine | May 8, 2015

Are you scared to fly? That’s quite a dilemma if you have to travel for business and don’t want to change jobs or professions! Actually, it’s pretty normal for people to have some anxiety while flying, but if you arm yourself with knowledge about how airplanes work and what the dangers really are, you can…

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Starwood Hotel’s Aloft Will Soon Have a Robotic Butler to Take Care of Guests

By KEE Limousine | Apr 30, 2015

(Photo credit:  Justin Soloman/CNBC <> ) The next time you stay at a hotel, you might have the option of a robotic butler tending to your needs. At Starwood Hotel’s Aloft in Cupertino, California, researchers are testing the Botlr robot and anticipate using it to help guests beginning August 20. How would you feel about…

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Travel Apps You Can Use with the New Apple Watch

By KEE Limousine | Apr 23, 2015

If you are an early adopter and are waiting for the new Apple Watch to arrive (it is slated to be released April 24, 2015), you will likely want to use it to help you with all your business travel needs. Here are some new travel apps for the Apple Watch that you’ll want to…

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How Passengers Can Deal With Their Fear of Flying

By KEE Limousine | Apr 17, 2015

If you have a fear of flying but now have been tasked by your company to travel on business, you don’t want to jeopardize your position because of the problems this anxiety can cause. It’s worth noting that approximately 20 percent of people are afraid to travel by air, according to a recent post at Road…

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Tips to Help You Combat Jet Lag

By KEE Limousine | Apr 8, 2015

Anyone who has to travel frequently for business knows how debilitating jet lag can be. The grogginess and feelings of being out of sync that result from transitioning from one distant zone to another can play havoc with your schedule. Jet lag can harm your health and make you less productive at your meetings. Jet…

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My student is traveling alone to a private school in Connecticut. Should I be nervous?

By KEE Limousine | Mar 26, 2015

We receive these types of calls and emails all the time. Especially now when the start of school is right around the corner. The recent short comings of a domestic airline certainly didn’t help the matters at all. Should you be nervous? Well, as parents we’re always nervous when our children travel alone. My daughter traveled…

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Guideline for Hiring the right Limousine Company for your Connecticut Prom

By KEE Limousine | Mar 22, 2015

Remember when the junior prom was a care free time, the biggest dance of the year, and for many a highlight of their high school years. Well, as with everything else, times have changed. Proms are still a special time for the students, but, sadly, the logistics and security behind facilitating and attending a prom…

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Not using a New Milford limousine service cost a Danbury Businessman thousands of dollars

By KEE Limousine | Mar 20, 2015

Another true story from KEE Limousine & I’ll Drive Livery Service located in New Milford, CT. One of our long time clients is a very, very successful entrepreneur from Danbury, CT. He owns businesses throughout the United States and recently traveled to Frankfurt in hopes to expand his business into Germany. One afternoon, without any…

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