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Travel Alert: The 6 Month Rule on Renewing Your Passport

By KEE Limousine | Apr 24, 2017

Travel Alert! It’s a little known fact among travelers that don’t leave the country often, but you can get stuck at a customs or border patrol in an airport if you are traveling to certain countries when your passport expires within six months of your return. Check the date on your passport. Does it expire…

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14 Airport Restaurants That Are Totally Worth A Layover

By KEE Limousine | Apr 14, 2017

If you’ve ever been stuck in an airport for a layover, you know how difficult it can be to get a decent meal. Airport food is usually bordering on awful, and – if you have a weak stomach – can turn into the worst part about your trip. We’ve found 14 airport restaurants that serve…

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Travel Alert: LaGuardia Construction Prompts New Pick Up Procedures

By KEE Limousine | Apr 5, 2017

The recent construction project with LaGuardia Airport’s Terminal B has prompted new pick up procedures for passengers arriving from certain airlines, along with major traffic issues. In order to improve the traffic flow around Terminal B, the pick-up area for all private car services, including KEE Limousine & I’ll Drive Livery Service, has been centralized…

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Business Travel: Best and Worst On Time Airports

By KEE Limousine | Mar 25, 2017

  Jetsetters know all too well the perils of a late flight. Airports that consistently have late flights or run behind can gum up a schedule, or create a situation where a missed connection requires annoying rescheduling and sometimes an overnight in an airport hotel with business travel. On the other hand, some airports make…

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ASK KEE Limousine: Will I Need A Visa to Travel to Europe?

By KEE Limousine | Mar 20, 2017

If you’re traveling to Europe for business or pleasure, it’s best to know the correct travel protocol for passports, visas, and moving through countries. Many people who plan trips to Europe will be visiting several countries, and many businesses have branches in places like London, Paris, and Berlin. You’ll want to be the smartest traveler…

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3 Tips to Extend Your Mobile Battery Life With Business Travel

By KEE Limousine | Mar 6, 2017

Business travel can take a big toll on busy executives, and trying to make sure your cell phone is charged is stressful at times. Recently, we experienced some weather related delays and flight diversions coming into JFK Airport with some heavy fog creating a bit of confusion and chaos.  We had a situation come up…

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Hotel WiFi Warriors: What to Do When You Can’t Connect

By KEE Limousine | Feb 24, 2017

You have three reports to send in by tomorrow morning and your hotel’s WiFi is down. What do you do? Business travelers are well aware that WiFi is an incredibly important component to working while traveling. When the WiFi goes down, it can be impossible to get anything at all done — especially now that…

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5 Caribbean Travel Secrets from KEE Limousine!

By KEE Limousine | Feb 17, 2017

If someone told you that they knew the secret to not waiting on line endlessly at the luggage claim area, you’d want to know, right?  We know someone who told us that for on their Caribbean travel and travel to Cancun, they only traveled with one carry-on each, for 5 nights! So what’s their secret?…

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KEE Limousine Makes Meeting Transportation Seamless

By KEE Limousine | Feb 3, 2017

In our modern age, meetings are still an essential tool of communication. Despite technological advances, a traditional conference room is still commonplace for meetings. Utilization of modern collaborative devices only enhances communication, allowing colleagues to discuss important business matters from miles away. As technology advances, many programs and software are becoming increasingly more affordable and…

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