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Late Fall Day Tripping in Connecticut

By KEE Limousine | Nov 5, 2017

Not only does late fall bring a sea of beautiful orange leaves to Connecticut, but a huge array of exciting events and activities.  With temperatures averaging between 55-65°F, this is the perfect time of year to explore the state comfortably.  One of the most popular attractions in Connecticut are the numerous wineries within the state…

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Why Waiting to Arrange your Holiday Travel Can Cost You More

By KEE Limousine | Nov 5, 2017

Are you planning on traveling for Thanksgiving or Christmas this year? If you are, have you booked your travel tickets yet? With just 3 weeks before Thanksgiving, you may be cutting it close and should consider the cost implications of leaving it until too late.  Though most travel experts do recommend booking Thanksgiving and Christmas…

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Solo Female Business Travel Has Never Been Easier

By KEE Limousine | Oct 30, 2017

Suzanne Randolph is an expert when it comes to solo female business travel as well as the challenges one faces when trying to find a good restaurant or experience all the things that make that place unique. In order to help women dealing with the same issues she has founded a club where she assists…

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Travel Tips and Tricks to Avoid Sleepless Nights in a Hotel

By KEE Limousine | Sep 7, 2017

There is nothing that can ruin the traveling experience more than sleepless nights in a hotel, twisting and turning in bed. It is obvious that a hotel is not your home, and a hotel bed is not your bed, however there are certain things you can do to make the stay as comfortable as possible.…

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The Worst US Cities To Drive In

By KEE Limousine | Aug 3, 2017

There are many reasons driving can be a joy and an adventure, including a nice vacation or road trip. However, the everyday grind of a work commute certainly doesn’t fall into that same category. It actually makes it more likely that you might even be involved in an automobile accident. No one wants that. If…

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International Travel Tips: The Real Flight Check-In

By KEE Limousine | Jun 30, 2017

International travel for Americans is usually pretty stressful, especially for first-time travelers or those going to an overseas country for the first time. Add on recent regulations for travel sprouting from nearly every country, and you have yourself an extremely tense situation. Of course, whether you’re traveling for pleasure or for business, you’ve already got…

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Airfare Hacking: Is it Worth It?

By KEE Limousine | Jun 22, 2017

In the world today, consumers are doing anything and everything to get the very best deal. It’s no surprise that airfare is no exception. Savvy airfare “hackers” are constantly coming up with new and inventive ways to get around airline red tape and to cheaper ticket costs. Of course, airlines are responding defensively, and some…

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Pet-Friendly Hotels Becoming an Industry Standard

By KEE Limousine | May 5, 2017

When it comes to guest satisfaction, there’s not much better a hotel can do than roll out the red carpet for man’s best friend. Traveling with animals, especially dogs, has become much more popular in recent years. This trend is not at all uncommon in Europe, but it’s fairly new to Americans on a large…

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Travel Alert: The 6 Month Rule on Renewing Your Passport

By KEE Limousine | Apr 24, 2017

Travel Alert! It’s a little known fact among travelers that don’t leave the country often, but you can get stuck at a customs or border patrol in an airport if you are traveling to certain countries when your passport expires within six months of your return. Check the date on your passport. Does it expire…

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