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5 Caribbean Travel Secrets from KEE Limousine!

If someone told you that they knew the secret to not waiting on line endlessly at the luggage claim area, you’d want to know, right?  We know someone who told us that for on their Caribbean travel and travel to Cancun, they only traveled with one carry-on each, for 5 nights!

So what’s their secret? They have a few…

Secret #1:  They left their winter jackets at home.  How and why?  Because their nice and warm, pre-arranged ride from KEE Limousine, they didn’t need them!  Their limo service picked them up right at their door and delivered them right to the terminal, minimal cold exposure.  And on the way home, they were picked up right outside the terminal baggage claim area with no waiting, since they had their bags already!

Secret #2:  Both passengers wore khaki pants, which doubled as “resort casual” attire for the resort’s restaurants.

Secret #3:  Easy fabrics.  Their packing list included bathing suits, shorts, shirts and for his wife, rolled up sun dresses. Every fabric was light and easily rolled instead of folded.

Secret #4: Travel sized toiletries.  Instead of lugging big toiletries that take up a lot of room and are above the 3 oz TSA limits, they picked up “travel size” toiletries from their local drug stores. The only item they wound up having to purchase at the resort was sunscreen for $30.

Secret #5:  Pre-arranged transportation from the airport to the hotel. For less than $50 each way, they arranged van transportation in advance with the hotel concierge to get from the airport to the hotel and then upon their return to the airport.

Hidden Bonuses – No lines, no waiting! Because they had their bags on their person, they instantly avoided the long lines both in baggage claim AND in customs/immigration.  This enabled them more time at the beach and less time watching the back of someone’s head on a long line.

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