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3 Tips to Extend Your Mobile Battery Life With Business Travel

CT limo serviceBusiness travel can take a big toll on busy executives, and trying to make sure your cell phone is charged is stressful at times. Recently, we experienced some weather related delays and flight diversions coming into JFK Airport with some heavy fog creating a bit of confusion and chaos.  We had a situation come up during this most recent fog delay that caused quite a bit of stress when a client’s flight, which was scheduled to arrive into JFK, actually got diverted to Newark to refuel, and then go to JFK finally.  During this change in timing, our office was trying to communicate with the client and left messages and texts. Unbeknownst to us, their cell phone battery had died and they were unaware of our communications.

How can you avoid a situation like this?

For under $50 you can buy a power pack/battery charger.  There are many options online at amazon or  They take up virtually no space and can be an absolute lifesaver!

Get to your flight early and charge at the boarding gate (although this option is dependent upon you finding an open outlet to plug into)

Make sure that there are no open apps operating in the background on your phone that may drain your battery life.

For more great tips on how to conserve your battery life, here is a great article that covers everything from battery suckers to WiFi and location services.

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